If Ghostbusters is your thing, then you will love this slot game from Microgaming. The competition has 40 paylines and five reels. It is a lot of fun. Once you reach the Free Spins Bonus, your chances of winning increase to 1,024 thanks to Super-Stacked wilds and Re-Spins.

You can zap four different ghosts by aligning 3 to 5 symbols. These ghosts are orange, pink, green, or blue. These bad boys have some pretty scary teeth and eyeballs, but with prizes ranging from 250 to 750 coins, you shouldn’t be scared off. You can win up to 1,250 cash for matching 5 Gavin the Ghost Zapper icons.

Spin sweets and chocolates to boost your energy like an excellent ghost-zapping child. You can win up to 100 coins by spinning in Lovehearts with the words Kiss, RIP, or Boo. These ghosts will be happy to kiss, kill, or scare you for 100 coins. Spin-in Liquorice Allsorts for up to 125 Coins, Wine Gums for 150 Coins, Chocolates for 175 Coins, and Chocolate Coins worth 200 Coins.

You can also find a lot of Peek-A-Boo Wilds. These appear in the main game as semi-stacked Wilds, allowing you to create many more winning combinations. It’s not just that. If you line up five Peek-A-Boo symbols along any pay line, you can win up to 2,500 coins.

Ghost Metre

Gavin’s Ghost Metre is where this game intimidates the opponents. The Ghost Meter is located to the right of the reels. For every ghost Gavin zaps with the Ray-Gun, he will receive one free spin. Gavin can zap one ghost per reel if he appears on the reels. The Free Spins Bonus is triggered when ten ghosts or more (maximum of 13) are zapped.

You’ll be taken to a new set of reels with more intense music and action when the Free Spins Bonus has been triggered. You’ll have 1,024 winning ways with the Super-Stacked, Peek-A Boo Wilds. A free re-spin will be given after each 3 or 4 symbols win. Reels 4 and 5, and reel five will re-spin after a win of 4 characters.

Ghostly Gains

You can bet up to 100,000 coins in Peek-A-Boo. The bets range from 0.4 to 100 coins or 0.01 to 2.5 coins per line. To choose your stake, adjust the Bet Box upwards or downwards. You can select your spin-stake and then look at the pay table to see what each symbol pays.

This fun game is to be noticed. Microgaming has recently become synonymous with games like Game of Thrones. Peek-A-Boo is a fun game to play anytime, but it also has some great prizes.

Phantom Cash Slots

This slot machine will scare you to death! Phantom Cash has a lot of ghoulish graphics and special effects. It is not for those who are easily frightened; the players who face it will be rewarded.

This Microgaming slot machine has 25 pay lines and five reels. It will take you to a Victorian-era haunted house. Thurmingham & Carstairs, two of the most renowned ghost hunters in the world, will be your guides on this journey. Keep your eyes peeled for these two ghostbusters from the past. Ghost Zap Feature allows players to win vast amounts while putting those fiendish ghouls permanently to rest.

Take a spin If You Dare

The 25 paylines in this game are fixed and cannot be changed during play. The total bet is calculated by multiplying the coins wagered on each payline with the coin size. The coin sizes available are 0, 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, and 0.25. You can select up to 20 coins. Click on the “Bets” tab to see these options.

This video slot machine and other Microgaming titles allow you to see the exact amount you’ll win for every combination of symbols. You don’t need to make any complicated calculations in your mind. Click on “View Pays,” then toggle the bet to see how the winning amounts will change.

Once you’re happy with your total bet, all you need to do is press the “Spin button.”Now, don’t be afraid! You can use the “Autoplay tool” if you are courageous.

The Spookiest Slot Machine in Town

You will see some spooky characters when the reels start spinning. Each of the four gruesome ghosts glows a different horrifying color. The blue ghost is the lowest-valued ghoul, followed by green, yellow, and red. The second-most valuable slot icon is this undead scarlet fairy, worth 20,000 coins when five appear.

This game has a great way of capturing the imaginations of its players. The ghouls’ laughter and cackle are accompanied by eerie music. When the ghost symbols appear on a winning payline, they perform animated actions. This slot is truly vile, and this scary factor makes it so popular at many online casinos.

How to Become a Ghostbuster

Thurmingham, Carstairs, and other living characters are also featured in this game. The two ghost hunters who are the game’s wild cards will give you much-needed relief from the horrifying ghosts. Wilds are only found on reels 1 & 5 but will replace the game’s regular symbols to complete winning paylines. These characters also double your winnings when they appear. What a pair!

The haunted-house icon is the only symbol that these wilds will not replace. This scatter card will pay out when three or more of them appear, regardless if they are arranged on a line. Three or more haunted house symbols will also unlock the Ghost Zap bonus game.

This game requires you to align the ghost symbols in the same row as Thurmingham or Carstairs, then zap the characters into oblivion. You can quadruple your bet by lining up two ghosts on the same row. This bonus game continues until you capture eight spirits and the “Ghost Meter” reaches zero.

Ghoulish Fun

This slot machine is perfect for those who love the macabre. It is important to note that the game has enough paylines to ensure that each spin is full of excitement and thrill. The game has two wild cards, which double your wins. It also includes a bonus side game that adds charge to the gameplay.